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At Bodnaruk Law Office, we provide the highest quality legal advice and representation for our clients. We understand that separation, divorce, child custody, child support and other family law disputes can be stressful. Financial issues are often the cause of significant conflict. For spouses with children, the most important issue is usually to consider the best interests and needs of the children. For spouses without children, a discussion of income, assets and liabilities and work towards reaching a fair settlement on the division of assets, with a minimum of conflict, is the highest priority. To learn more about our approach to family law matters and client service, please visit our firm overview.

If you are seeking a Calgary divorce lawyer, we offer dedicated, experienced, client-focused service. Our clients receive comprehensive, practical advice and representation based on their individual needs.

Family Law Lawyer Serving NW Calgary

Divorce and family law cases are unique from other cases, as the spouses involved in these cases must often continue to have a long-term working relationship, even after the legal issues are resolved. Where children are involved, family relationships do not actually end. They are changed and reorganized. Spouses must continue to parent while jointly dealing with problems and renegotiating obligations as their personal and financial circumstances change.

We encourage our clients to work towards a settlement of their issues whenever possible. Negotiations can be done directly between the spouses, with the assistance of their respective counsel or through mediation.

Approximately 98% of all divorce and family law cases are settled by way of negotiation before they ever get to a full trial. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, applications can be made to Court to deal with issues on an interim basis, including interim parenting and support orders.

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