Calgary Child Support Lawyer

When children and money are involved, emotions can run high. Often, parents do not initially agree on child custody and support. Disputes arise when parties do not exchange financial disclosure on a timely basis. If there is no clear disclosure of Section 7 expenses, as outlined by the Divorce Act, an accurate child support determination cannot be made. Section 7 expenses relate to the child or children and may include costs associated with education, extracurricular activities and other expenses.

In order to determine a fair child support amount, the parents must fully disclose their financial situations, including all income. At Bodnaruk Law Office, we help clients who come to us with questions and concerns over child support in Alberta, Canada.

Often, it is necessary for a lawyer to ask the Court for an order imputing income if our client suspects that the other parent is not fully disclosing his or her income. This means that we are asking the Court to assume that the other spouse is making more than he or she is disclosing. This results in a re-evaluation of both parents' financial situations and forces the other parent to respond.

Sometimes the paying parent will pursue shared parenting (more than 40% of the time), in order to decrease his or her support obligations. While shared parenting may be in the best interests of the child or children, it is important to hold these decisions to this standard at all times. If one parent is not capable of parenting more than 40% of the time due to a job or other circumstances, shared parenting should not be approved solely due to the desire to pay a lower support amount.

Calgary Lawyer for Child Support Order Enforcement and Modifications

Our law firm can also assist with the enforcement and modification of existing child support orders. To learn more about how we can help you and to discuss your needs with an experienced Calgary child support lawyer, please contact Bodnaruk Law Office at 403-288-0009 or toll free at 1-800-614-8636.